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ABOUT US Welcome To Pankaj Roadways Pvt. Ltd.

Our success journey started in the year 1997 in Jaipur (Rajasthan). Mr. Pradeep Hochandani started Pankaj Roadways Pvt. Ltd. at age of 17 and make it new heights. Rajasthan was a Transport sleepy destination when we began our services & the future of Transportation industry was very unpredictable so of Pankaj Roadways Pvt. Ltd. here in Rajasthan. But today Company has change the niche for itself in the competitive Transportation world and offering services successfully to more than 130 city in India. We have 5 fully IT enabled direct branches in Rajasthan, to meet the demand of high quality and genuine transport service.

The most important factor contributing to the success of Pankaj Roadways Pvt. Ltd. is the mutual trust between the client, team and the management of the Company, lead by Mr. Pradeep Hochandani.

Our customers know this very well and opt to stay with us for years. That’s why most of our major customers are our oldest customers, since we signed our first contract with them!

The second factor that is needed for the success is the proper knowledge management and, we stand as a leader with this concern also.


Market Leadership with effective systems and excellence in service standards for profitable growth.


We will always strive to improve the Quality of Life of our People and the Community by implementing Enlightened Practices and Welfare Schemes